Sol Tribe Tattoo & Body Piercing
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Thu Vo Le

Geometric - Fineline - Black & Gray


Thu started tattooing in 2006. He first went through a “old school” apprenticeship at Anatomic Art in Nashville, Tennessee under a Cajun tattooer. From there, he got his first stab at tattooing professionally in a street shop for Anne "Angel" Moon at Queen of Hearts tattoo.

In 2011, he co-owned Electric Hand Tattoo with 3 colleagues. After 4 years of working for himself, Thu gave his partners his share of the business to start traveling to explore his craft.

Currently at 10+ years experience he feels he is just starting to master his craft. Employing all styles of tattooing and challenging himself everyday to be versatile, proficient, and ethical. Constantly dancing between the line of traditional and experimental.

 He loves tattooing and is excited to dedicate the rest of his life to finding what that entails; The ethics, the lifestyle, the art, the correct attitude, and the pursuit of paying homage to the history he is now a part of.