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Lakweesha Lewis - Counter

Lakweesha is an ex military brat who relocated from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a proud cat momma who loves bees and all things glittery! She is always ready to help you with all your modification questions and will do it with a smile.


Vanessa Mcfaline - counter

Vanessa Mcfaline has been with Sol Tribe since the end of 2018. She aspires to be a professional body piercer and began that journey at the Fakir Intensives in San Fransisco. She was harvested and crushed in the northeast, fermented in the Carribbean, clarified in the south, and is currently aging in the Rocky Mountains. She believes in aliens, vampires, and Spider-Man. One of her eyes is fake. 


Hannah Young - Jewelry Manager

Hannah kind of wishes we were already in a cyberpunk dystopia because everyone will look really cool then, but in the meantime will settle for curating Sol Tribe’s vast and fantastic collection of jewelry. She’s been with Sol Tribe since 2017, and if you need a special order or a specific piece of jewelry, she’s your girl! When she’s not neck deep in gold, she’s playing video games, podcasting about video games and gay stuff at If It’s Gay, We Play, making queer theatre, biking around the city, or crying into a craft beer. If you can get her to sit still long enough, she would love to show you more pictures of her cat.